Reading gives you Superpowers!

Take it from Dav Pilkey, creator of Dragon, Ricky Ricotta, and Captain Underpants:

Dav Pilkey PSA Reading Gives You Superpowers! from cosproductions on Vimeo.

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4th graders finish up their news scripts!

Sharks from PS347 Library on Vimeo.

Pomeranians from PS347 Library on Vimeo.

Archaeopteryx from PS347 Library on Vimeo.

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Software engineer Scott Goldstein visits PS 347 library


Students got first-hand experience in creating their own code just by typing into Notepad. It was a blast. We learned the parts of a site such as the header and the body, and the tagging, and how it can go live just by dragging into a browser!

It was a lot of fun. Bryan checked out a book on Python, the first language Scott told us he learned. Sal said he wanted to be a software engineer in the future, and we had EVERYONE creating their own site!

He says he will come back. We hope so!

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Every Student A Reader, No matter what the Material: The NY Post or the Odyssey…

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.07.58 PM













Why everyone should read 20 minutes a day, young and old. 

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Keyboarding Competition

For the next 6 weeks, grades 3-5 and grades 6-8 will be practicing keyboarding. We will be using Dance Mat Typing for our course and Nitrotype to race and check our words per minute each week. We will also bring in work to type up and test how much we can type in 30 minutes. Go to the Thingink for all the links.

At the last session of each week, I am asking grades 3-5 to take this survey to record each student’s progress:


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Infographic made on Info.gram

Here is an infographic I made on info.gram using the results of my Queens College LIS 764 course. Click on the link to see it as an interactive image:

Our FAV graphic organizers

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Author illustrator David McPhail comes to our library!

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

David McPhail has been a prolific author and illustrator of gentle, funny books about bears, pigs and children. He drew pictures for us. He always starts by drawing ears! SOmetimes he puts the chimney going the wrong way because he likes it better that way.

He encouraged all the children to draw and keep drawing. To find something to do that was all theirs, something they could do alone, and not need much of anything or anyone.

He stared drawing when he was 2 or 3. His grandmother gave him a laundry crayon. She saved everything so she cut paper bags into different sizes for him so he had paper!

David McPhail is a gentle man. The kids came up and wanted to talk to him after his presentation.

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